Are Dafi filters healthy

Tap water filtration is gaining more and more followers. It is hard to be surprised, because one liter of filtered water costs about 0,10 USD, while the same volume of bottled water from the store costs about 1 PLN.Drinking filtered tap water is also taking care of the environment, because it limits the purchase of plastics and reduces its production. Two years ago, in 2016, 322 million tons of plastic was produced, and in the middle of the Pacific an island of plastic garbage is drifting. It is even bigger than New Guinea. Fortunately, the environmental awareness of people is increasing. How DAFI filters work? Is filtered water from city water supply healthy? Are DAFI filters healthy?

Are Dafi filters healthy

The principle of filters operation

DAFI offers pitchers bottles and flow filters, and all of these devices contribute to improving the quality of tap water, which is always close at hand. But how do they work? The Polish DAFI producer offers filters based on two methods of water filtration:activated carbon filters and ion exchange resin filters.Activated carbon is ground coconut shell, so it’s a 100% natural product.Activated carbon has very strong absorbing properties, it also makes tap water not only havebetter composition parameters but also a crystalline and transparent color. Coal in DAFI filters simultaneously absorbs organic pollutants (pulling it to its surface) and has catalytic reduction properties – a process in which negatively charged ions of pollutants are pulledby positively charged carbon ions. In the catalytic reduction process, chlorine and chloramines are removed.Water filtered in this way has a much better appearance and incomparably greater taste and aroma. The main advantage of the ion exchange resin is the softening of water by removing magnesium and calcium ions. It also has the properties of removing some metals, such as manganese, lead or copper. Taking this into account, we can be sure that DAFI filters are healthy.

The advantages of using DAFI water filters

One of the biggest advantages of using filters DAFI is to have tasty and nutritious tap water, the low cost of its acquisition and care of the environment.Another advantage is the fact that using filtered water in household appliances such as a coffee maker, iron or kettle, we significantly extend their lifespan. Softened water causes the scaleto not settle on the walls and heaters of these devices. Finally – tap water filtered in DAFI devices significantly improves the taste and aroma of beverages and dishes.Coffee or tea gains a distinctive aroma, derived from grains and leaves, which is not masked by the smell of chlorine.The use ofDAFI filters will definitely improve the quality of water which will have a positive impact on our health. Filtering water used for cooking in a pot or steam also has its big advantages.Simlar to coffe and tea, waterfree of chlorine and escessive hardness increases the taste of dishes and thusreduces the need for excessive sugar, salt, flavorenhancers and spices.

 With all conviction it can be said that filtering water has a positive effect on our health!

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