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Enjoying the time in Water with Aesthetic Design of the Pool

People like to own a house that make them feel fuzzy about staying there, so they add amenities to make it enjoyable. The homeowners in the warmer state cannot imagine a home without a pool. It is used yearlong to eliminate the discomforts of the warm weather and make them feel relaxed. Homeowners need to […]

Unconventional Furnishings That Are Missing From Your Patio

Unconventional Furnishings That Are Missing From Your Patio

A very standard piece of patio furnishing is an outdoor grill or cooking area of some variety. The ordinary ones include standard charcoal and gas barbecue grills, but there are unique grill types that can stagger the imagination. A dugout pit for roasting entire pigs can be located just off the edge of a patio, […]

Hobby Tools To Complete Your Kit

Hobby Tools To Complete Your Kit

What Hobbies Work Well with the Razor Saw? Hobbies that work well with the razor saw are generally small and delicate modeling including model railroads, airplanes, and boats. They are ideal for cutting small pieces and use disposable blades, since their teeth are too small to sharpen. The razor saws can use different blades for […]

Review of energy retrofits for dwelling

Review of energy retrofits for dwellings

A low energy impact  the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, estimates that only 8.2% efficient or very efficient work in terms of reducing energy consumption. Of course, performance has a price: for “efficient” renovations, the budget goes up to € 25,410, which is five times more than for projects with a low […]

Ventilation air quality a stake for your health

Ventilation: Air quality a stake for your health

ventilation for good protection To live well in your home and keep yourself in good health, it is recommended to ventilate the interior of your home. According to the latest reports on air quality, experts have come to the conclusion that indoor air in a home may be more polluted than outside.Therefore, if you do […]

The Essentials of Back-to-School

 we will rely heavily on small storage : pencil box, box and pocket pocket will be your greatest allies! To push the decoration to the end, we will also choose a beautiful wastepaper basket, but also the pretty paper mill. It is so much more pleasant to scribble his ideas in a beautiful notebook! Now that your office is […]

Indoor air the stalling of a major public health problem

Indoor air: the stalling of a major public health problem

Four months after that of the Court of Auditors, the Committee for the Control and Evaluation of Public Policies (CEC) reports on the evaluation of public policies to combat air pollution. The Magistrates of the Rue Cambon had concentrated exclusively on atmospheric pollution; the two deputies who led the mission, Jean-Louis Roumégas (Europe Ecology-the Greens) and Martial […]


Your Home In The Spotlight

 We are always delighted to discover your interior with the Miliboo sauce, always a great pleasure to see our furniture in their new homes ♥ As always, I can only invite you to show us your decoration: post your photos on social networks, mentioning us on our Instagram account for example or using . sometimes, we want to […]