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Moving? Consider Boston

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, look no further than beautiful Boston as a choice place for relocation. There are many reasons to make the move, but we list our top five below. 1.)                Safety In 2016, Forbes rated Boston as the fourth safest metropolitan city in the country, tied with […]

Review of energy retrofits for dwelling

Review of energy retrofits for dwellings

In 2014, more than 90% of the renovation work on dwellings had only a small impact on the decline in energy consumption due to a lack of financial resources and lack of information. A low energy impact Of the 3.5 million homes renovated in terms of energy in 2014, Ademe, the French Agency for the […]


Scandinavian Interior With Boucher ouite Carpets

Hello, the lovers deco, I wanted to return to this amazing apartment, decorated very simply, but with taste and talent. It is the apartment of the Danish Karen May Kornum, founder of the gallery of Another Ballroom . Its interior is in the image of its universe at the same time audacious, and aesthetically soothing. The question I ask […]

Ventilation air quality a stake for your health

Ventilation: Air quality a stake for your health

ventilation for good protection To live well in your home and keep yourself in good health, it is recommended to ventilate the interior of your home. Air quality in rooms in your home is important because it limits the risk of developing respiratory illnesses. According to the latest reports on air quality, experts have come to the […]


Indus ‘Vintage Childrens Office Corner’

In September, it’s back to school, we’ll have to work …” Some may recognize a school poem [which my daughter recited to me all year long]. And yes, finished the fun, the holidays are over, we will have to work, to stake, to study, to learn, to understand, to explore, to dig our brains, to concentrate … […]


Indoor – Outdoor: Take Out Your Furniture

The indoor – outdoor trend makes its comeback of the summer! After all, your furniture also has the right to take the air. As for you, why not have as much comfort on your terrace as in your living room? The goal of the game is to give your outdoors a lounge and cozy spirit , with sofa and design coffee […]

The Essentials of Back-to-School

The offices for children and adults are certainly the centerpieces for a successful comeback, but let us not forget all the small accessories that are also essential! To organize well, we will rely heavily on small storage : pencil box, box and pocket pocket will be your greatest allies! To push the decoration to the end, we will also choose […]

Indoor air the stalling of a major public health problem

Indoor air: the stalling of a major public health problem

Fifteen years after its emergence in the general public, the issue of indoor air is at a standstill. Two Members report on the assessment of public policies to combat air pollution. Four months after that of the Court of Auditors, the Committee for the Control and Evaluation of Public Policies (CEC) reports on the evaluation of […]


Your Home In The Spotlight

 We are always delighted to discover your interior with the Miliboo sauce, always a great pleasure to see our furniture in their new homes ♥ As always, I can only invite you to show us your decoration: post your photos on social networks, mentioning us on our Instagram account for example or using . sometimes, we want to […]

Air pollution

Air pollution costs France more than 100 billion euros per year, according to a report by the Senate

ENVIRONMENT – An astronomical sum. Air pollution would cost France more than 100 billion euros per year, in healthcare costs, absenteeism in companies or falling agricultural yields, according to a Senate committee of inquiry . Air pollution “is not just a health aberration, it is an economic aberration,” said the Commission of Inquiry in its report “Air pollution: the […]