The Best Way to Mix Interior Trim

The Best Way to Mix Interior Trim

Are you racking your brains how to separate the area between the walls and ceiling/ floor?! Are you looking for a new look for your interior, a glimpse of sophistication and elegance in details without paying much money?! Have you done DIY project and now need to disguise those shameful visible cutting details of paper […]

The Essentials of Back-to-School

 we will rely heavily on small storage : pencil box, box and pocket pocket will be your greatest allies! To push the decoration to the end, we will also choose a beautiful wastepaper basket, but also the pretty paper mill. It is so much more pleasant to scribble his ideas in a beautiful notebook! Now that your office is […]


Wishlist: the two years of Robin

Two years that have passed at high speed V, moms, you know what I’m talking about! In addition this year, I had very little idea. I dug, cracked, and I even asked you several times on Instagram for you to help me! So here are my little favorites, we will see if this list is exhaustive or not! As for […]