Discover The Minimalist Decorative World Of Rémy And Mathieu.

The couple opened the door of their house Mikit in Loire-Atlantique, next to Nantes, to let us discover their world of decoration. From the lounge to the garden, each room has its universe, in a Zen atmosphere and total black & white look.

Discover their decoration tricks and inspire yourself for your interiors!

In the living room, they chose a neutral and clear atmosphere with the large horizontal window that illuminates the room. On both sides of the opening, they have added two large clocks in different time zones, which reminds them of Mathieu’s journeys: a simple idea that has its effect!

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The minimalist design of the furniture in their living room is warmed by the pellet stove that brings conviviality to this living room. In addition to being aesthetic, it is economical because very little energivore!

On the bedroom side, they have adopted an original round bed with the imitation leather frame that Remy has chosen to match the bedside tables for a chic effect.

“In the bathroom, we wanted a spa side with materials like bamboo and stone”

The zen key of Rémy in the house? The mixture of stone and bamboo in the bathroom makes them feel like a spa, everyday. The small wooden boxes positioned on the shelves make it possible to create very practical storage, and bring a graphic rhythm in the decoration of the room.

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They were able to own their homes on a small budget

The couple built their Mikit house in the Nantes region in 2015 and, thanks to the ready-to-finish concept, Rémy and Mathieu were able to make the interior finishes of their house themselves to save money, to the property. Whether it’s plumbing or electricity, all the kits designed by Mikit are explained step-by-step in the assembly guide, and quite accessible for non-building professionals like them.

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This formula of construction, thanks to which they put their hand to the finalization of their house, saved them on the price of labor. After a few months of work in the evening and at the weekend, accompanied by Mikit’s workman and the agency manager, the couple was able to move into her new home and take full advantage of it.

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