Everything You Need to Think About When Doing a Gut Renovation on a New Property

 they seem to know exactly what they want and nothing else will work for them. I am not a contractor so I cannot tell you exactly how to go about renovating your home, but I will say, it always seems to be quite an overwhelming process for those who take it on. From working with clients to having friends who have done major gut renovations on their properties, I have heard some of the common challenges associated with a major project like this. There seems to be a few things they always wished they had thought about in advance. I am here to help you think about these things now so you will not have to regret anything in the future.

Think About Your Basic Necessities

When you are doing a gut renovation, it usually means that all of your basic amenities will be missing from the house for a little while at some point. That includes, bathrooms, electricity, water, internet, and telephone service. It is important to think of how you will deal with this things before it comes time for needing them. For bathroom needs, most people rent a porter potty of some kind. Electricity can be hooked up relatively early and until then, everything can be run from a generator. For internet and telephone service, you probably already have a great T-Mobile cell phone which will cover both necessities. Water can usually be turned on and off pretty easily so I would not be too concerned about that. Otherwise, it can be easily brought in from the outside.

Always Consult a Professional

So many people these days are resorting to do it yourself projects due to the growing industry of guides and the number of free tutorials available on the internet. This is great if you are trying to save money or learn a new skill, but the reality of it is that not everything is able to be done by someone who does not possess a basic understanding of construction or engineering, nevermind plumbing and electrical work. There are so many skills needed to complete a successful gut renovation that I highly recommend hiring a consultant of some kind. Whether it is a subcontractor with a certain skill to push the job forward, or it is a constructions manager type role who will be able to help you oversee many projects at once, either way you will thank yourself in the end. Even if you are trying to save money, there is a possibility that you will end up having to spend more money if you try to do something you are not skilled to do and make a mistake that requires you to start all over again.

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