Garden Tree Decorating And Uses

Aside from giving us shade and providing fresher air to breathe, trees are one of the most beautiful things you can have in your garden. Although trees take a longer time to grow compared to other plants, it is certainly worth the wait.

If you already have a mature tree in your garden, you might be wondering what else you can do with it. As it turns out, there are many decorative ways to use the trees in your yard. While some may require professional gardening services Bondi from Amico, most of these ideas,you can do yourself.

With that said, here are six tips for decorating the trees in your garden.

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  1. Bench It Up

If you have a particular tree that stands out from the rest, use it to your advantage by turning it into a gorgeous seating area. This works especially well for trees that are offset or in an awkward position. Build a bench around the trunk of the tree and place a few pillows for a more comfortable touch. You can even do some landscaping around the bottom using low-rise bushes and beautiful stone patterns.

  • Tree House Dream

Most kids dreamed of having a tree house. Aside from being a great place to retreat, a tree house also allows your children to be more interested in the environment. Although building a tree house can be costly, being able to live the dream atop a tree is worth every penny. And who said only kids could use the tree house? Adults can enjoy it as much as the young ones too.

  • Natural Swing Set

Bring back the good old days where the swings you played with are tied in large trees. If you have a tall and sturdy specimen, take an old wheel and tie it up on a strong branch of a tree. Triple check its durability to prevent any accidents.

  • Natural Structures

Incorporate your tree when planning to build a garden structure such as a pergola or gazebo. If it’s tall and big enough, you can use the trunk of the tree as part of the structure itself. It enhances the state of nature while giving your quaint building a rustic feel.

  • Line Them Up

If you plan on growing a particular specimen, consider lining them up to match the natural landscapes of your house or your yard. Slim manicured trees are best for this idea as it gives an organic yet formal approach. You can also match shrubs to the same position of the trees for a balanced aesthetic.

  • Tree Path

Pathways are common landscape ideas for many gardens. Why not upgrade the usual bushes and shrubs to trees instead? A walkway with lined up trees at each side makes for a simple yet romantic touch to your garden. You can even cultivate the branches to lean toward each other, making for a natural arch. To do this, you will need a team of expert gardeners to maintain the growth properly. It’s one of the best gardening services Kensington by Amico that you could try.

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Final Word

Trees are often overlooked in most gardens, and most beginning gardeners opt to pass on planting trees. While the many benefits of planting trees are a given, the majestic aesthetic it offers is something we all should appreciate often.

Don’t know what to plant next? Consider planting a tree.

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