Here’s How Portable Toilets Work

When there’s an event held at a location, no matter if it’s celebratory or work-related, there will be a need for the people within the area to take care of their biological needs. It’s not ideal to set up a plumbing system just for that event. Portable toilets are temporary solutions that work.

If you work in construction or pass by a site every so often, you will undoubtedly see portable toilets being used by the workers. Another place where you might encounter them are concerts and outdoor festivals. Why do businesses opt for porta potty rental? How do they work? Find out below.

Parts of a Portable Toilet

A portable toilet can be divided into four main parts:

Toilet Seat

Holding Tank

Pressure System

Flushing Mechanism

The toilet seat ensures that the person who’s going to use the portable toilet has something comfortable to sit on as they take care of business. Any waste, particularly human waste, is going to be stored inside the holding tank when the person inside flushes it down.

The flushing mechanism works thanks to the pressure system that ensures everything that’s flushed down goes downwards so the next person who uses the portable toilet won’t see it.

Safety Guarantee Inside a Portable Toilet

To a degree, the safety of a person using a portable toilet is guaranteed. The holding tank contains chemicals that will break down all the solid waste and kill germs that may be harmful. Unlike dumping sewage to the ground, there’s no risk for the groundwater and soil to be contaminated.

The smell won’t be apparent thanks to the chemicals found inside the holding tank. This reduces the need for both toilet paper and water because there’s no need to constantly wash the toilet seat. Of course, there’s still water inside the porta potty rental, however.

When to Rent a Porta Potty

If you require a porta potty rental, you have to first consider how many might use them concurrently and where you can safely place them. It’s essential that you find an even ground to place the portable toilet so it doesn’t tip over easily.

You also have to be aware that there may pranksters that will actively try to tip your portable toilet for their own amusement. A good way to prevent this from happening is by placing the portable toilets next to each other to create a row that secures them in place.

Maintaining a Portable Toilet

After renting a portable toilet, you have to make sure that it is well maintained. Make sure that there’s sufficient water for the flushing mechanism and the chemicals inside the holding tank don’t run out so everything that gets flushed down is still broken down.

Find out how frequently your porta potty is used and what the porta potty rental company that provided you the portable toilet suggests so you have an idea on how often the porta potties you rented should be serviced. Generally, portable toilets are serviced on a weekly basis.

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