Indoor – Outdoor: Take Out Your Furniture

The indoor – outdoor trend makes its comeback of the summer! After all, your furniture also has the right to take the air. As for you, why not have as much comfort on your terrace as in your living room? The goal of the game is to give your outdoors a lounge and cozy spirit , with sofa and design coffee table at the rendezvous. For a special occasion, just one day, you can obviously take out your living room furniture for an offbeat result. This is the best way to have as much comfort as possible and an amazing visual rendering. What to surprise your guests for a tea party or a barbecue.

But if you plan to keep your outdoor lounge all summer, then best to use suitable furniture. For this purpose choose a garden furniture made of resistant material , which supports the moisture and the rays of the sun.

Scandinavian Outdoor

outdoor FIGARI

When indoor furniture takes place outside it is made robust, convenient and easy to maintain. But that does not mean that you can not have elegant and worked furniture , as with the FIGARI garden furniture . Inspired by the Nordic design, it has been reworked to be foolproof. Its metal structure is covered with synthetic resin. Once dressed in her cushions of a beautiful off-white, you are adorned for a moment of relaxation in the sun.

Bet on easy storage

For the terrace, we prefer stackable chairs to easily clear the space and optimize the storage .

outdoor rhodes

For example, the RHODES design chairs in aluminum and polyester powder coating are very resistant and easily stackable.
With their protective pads under each foot, they are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor, without risk of damaging your floors. They are very easy to maintain since a simple damp cloth is enough to make them superb. They will give a little “Parisian bistro” to your terrace.

To each his own style

outdoor Sunny

On the deco side, everything is allowed to have an exterior to your taste. To combine with the total black look of the garden SUNNY for example, we put on generous plants for a jungle side. But do not hesitate to be more eccentric, going out for example a large design rug or even a mirror! These surprising elements will help create a real universe, to “finish” your outdoor scene. We also think of hanging pretty garlands (such as a guinguette) to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings!

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