Indus ‘Vintage Childrens Office Corner’

In September, it’s back to school, we’ll have to work …” Some may recognize a school poem [which my daughter recited to me all year long]. And yes, finished the fun, the holidays are over, we will have to work, to stake, to study, to learn, to understand, to explore, to dig our brains, to concentrate … For that nothing better to accompany them without putting pressure on them, but seriously all the same. The question of the day: is what is the best place to do homework? Is setting up an office corner in the room really useful from the CP?

For my daughter, we had been eager to set up an office in her room, but in the end, she practiced drawing! Instead, homework was done on the couch (a lot of reading at CP / CE1 and small revisions). As for her math exercises, she was doing them on the small office / drawing area that I had set up for them in the living room. Still, is this really a mistake? Not really. I could see that for her, this was the symbol that she became a great, worthy to have a workspace [So her smaller brother wanted an office like her]. I suppose that from years to years, this office corner will become more and more useful.

For this coming of 2017, the question arises with the installation or not of an office corner for the son who returns to the CP. As for my daughter, I went around Pinterest (See my picture: Children’s desks ) to find ideas. It turns out that for the masculine gente, the vintage style ‘prevails, so let’s go.

Attention to the “catalog” effect. I am not always fan of the stereotypes, because it is quickly done well done to a decoration of catalog as the picture above or below. My advice will be to rely on mixing, eclecticism : a little industrial or vintage furniture, design, flower or nature motifs, a good pinch of humor and imagination.

The colors of the industrial style are black, gray , khaki green , navy blue , steel, oil that is heated in “leather” color. You can also soften the cold and dark side with touches of raw wood. I find this from modular shelves in metal pipes and raw wood, really interesting. You can go into a homemade production or find on the web kits to be assembled.

Rather than an opaque black wall, the alternative is to use “blackboard” paint and skate it …

Source unknown

One can play the map of industrial furniture, mixed with design elements  without adopting all the codes of the factorystyle as here with wooden boards painted white or pastel colors, raw wood, jungle wallpaper . i love the combination of colors : cold tones blue, green, gray awakened by the chair and the red lamp. Old post offices or simply a standard office of the trade that is repainted, the idea not to fall into the cliché.  I keep the letters cut out of a plywood board , except that I would rather put: WORK! … if you see what I mean .

A gray wall, a gray office, it’s a little sad, but I like the plywood storage locker that softens the decor.

For the handyman, a board and hanging storage lockers give a cheap industrial style office and easy to make. The decoration is not really “industrial”, but uses the color codes. The choice of suspension accessories, wire basket contributes to this impression. I’m pretty fan of the rendering of this office “laboratory bench” , although I suspect that the cold aspect and grooves are probably not ideal to use.

The industrial style is most often associated with the universe of boys, but it also suits the girl . It is softened here with pink, inevitably! But girls still do not like pink.

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