Moving? Consider Boston

If you’re looking to make a change in your life, look no further than beautiful Boston as a choice place for relocation. There are many reasons to make the move, but we list our top five below.

1.)                Safety

In 2016, Forbes rated Boston as the fourth safest metropolitan city in the country, tied with Seattle. There is a low crime rate that has steadily been on the decline, even in the less costly neighborhoods. Boston is a great city with a youthful nightlife, so it’s reassuring to know that you’re safe walking home after a trip to the pub.

2.)                Business Hub

The Greater Boston area is home to over 100 universities and colleges, which means that there is a young and bright population in the area. This may be one of the reasons why so many great minds have started businesses here and received funding for them. Boston receives the third most venture capital in the country as of 2015, which ranks it higher than Los Angeles, Chicago, AND Seattle.

3.)                Cheap Utilities

One factor that has helped the business boom of the city of Boston is affordable energy. In 2008, Mayor Menino helped implement Boston Buying Power through Taylor Contracting & Consulting, which saved many members around 50% of their energy spend.

4.)                Culture & History

Boston played a role in many historical instances, such as the Revolutionary War and the infamous Boston Tea Party, which makes sense, as it was one of the first establishments of the New World. This has lead to many museums in the area, along with libraries, theatres, and other fun ways of getting your culture fix. You can even eat historically, at the Union Oyster House near Faneuil Hall, which is famous for being the oldest restaurant in Boston, the oldest restaurant in continuous service in the US, and for having some delicious seafood.

5.)                Sports

The Celtics. The Bruins. The Red Sox.  The Patriots. Need I say more? On the off chance that I do, besides having great sports venues (Shout out to Fenway Park), Boston has some great sports bars, which is really one of the best ways to watch the game.

Even if you aren’t completely convinced that Boston is where you need to be, take a trip to Bean Town and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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