Review of energy retrofits for dwellings

A low energy impact

 the French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management, estimates that only 8.2% efficient or very efficient work in terms of reducing energy consumption.

Of course, performance has a price: for “efficient” renovations, the budget goes up to € 25,410, which is five times more than for projects with a low impact, with an average of € 10,000. This difference can be explained by the variety of actions undertaken: installation of a new heating system, insulation of the roof or walls, etc.

Among the most frequently carried out works, the change of the windows is at the top with 34% of the sites, of which only 30% will allow to reach a good level of insulation, due to the mediocrity of the materials used. Then comes the renovation of the walls, but 58% have little impact on the energy bill, as individuals did not take advantage of these developments to increase thermal insulation.  “

Only truly effective works, the renovation of the roof and the insulation of the roofs, or 30% of the interventions, lead to a significant improvement in the energy performance of the houses, as they are often the most insufficiently isolated.

Lack of information and budget

To improve this renovation work, it is necessary to strengthen the information of individuals, of which only 16% have taken advice from an Energy Info Center or a PRIS (Point Renovation Info Services). The diagnosis of energy performance must also be better known, as it prioritizes priorities for efficient energy renovation in each dwelling.

Financial support should also be increased, as 64% of households say they still have to do work, but almost half do not have the financial means. Only 20% of the households used a building loan, of which only 4% contracted an Eco-PTZ, which is the spearhead of the government’s energy renovation.

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