Scandinavian Interior With Boucher ouite Carpets

Hello, the lovers deco,
I wanted to return to this amazing apartment, decorated very simply, but with taste and talent. It is the apartment of the Danish Karen May Kornum, founder of the gallery of Another Ballroom . Its interior is in the image of its universe at the same time audacious, and aesthetically soothing.

The question I ask by scrutinizing this decoration:  What makes the decor? The framework or all that is put in it: talent, a lot of energy, surprising combinations …

On the blog, I speak of place that the owners have completely transformed to make a wonderful place, often with coupes of euros. Sometimes, places without character come to life just with a lot of ideas. Here one can not deny that the apartment itself is just beautiful, but it could have taken pompous, bourgeois paces. And no, none of that and that’s why I like it.

What strikes me in this interior, located in Frederiksberg in Denmark, are the boucherouite carpets, Beni Ouarimwhich bring ethnic and colorful touches, to an interior, certainly beautiful, but very classic.

The second thing, characteristic and claimed by the owner is RECYCLING and RECOVERY , although this is not obvious at first glance, which proves that recovering is not equal to waste . Karen Maj Kornum likes to discover treasures at the bottom of garbage cans: pots, lamps, everything is recycled, or almost. Even if it requires a bit of imagination and elbow grease, yes, it is necessary to clean, restore, divert, stage and restore all these objects.

Scandinavian interior with boucherouite carpets by Karen May Kornum, founder of Another Ballroom gallery

 The third thing I like about this apartment is the staging of the executives . I will soon start hanging my frames and it’s not an exercise as easy as it sounds.

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