The Essentials of Back-to-School

 we will rely heavily on small storage : pencil box, box and pocket pocket will be your greatest allies! To push the decoration to the end, we will also choose a beautiful wastepaper basket, but also the pretty paper mill. It is so much more pleasant to scribble his ideas in a beautiful notebook!

Now that your office is ready for re-entry, here are some tips to enjoy working there.

  1. You will learn how to manage your time: if you have 10,000 things to do, start by listing them in order of priority. Thus, you will spend time and energy in each task, one at a time, until your list is complete. The worst thing to do is try to do everything at the same time. Lost time and motivation assured!
  2. T he lists, let’s talk about it : it’s nice to make 12 different ones. But it is not profitable! Do you find an effective way to organize yourself: some bet on weeklies, others on clipboard to hang on the wall. Once you have made up your mind, attack your list with, if possible, a budget allotted time for each task (in addition to ranking by priority of course ). This will prevent you from embarking on a huge project in the evening at 11 pm …
  3. We release! Because effective work requires maximum concentration, it avoids overloading and pauses. It is also in this perspective that one will think to choose nice accessories. Thus, your daily life will clearly give you fishing!

As for the bags and the kits (for the kids in particular), we will motivate them with original models and design that speaks to them. Sure, they will be motivated and determined to bring good grades!

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