Trend Salon: How To Organize It Well?

Organizing your furniture and decoration to get a trendy lounge can sometimes look like a part of life-size tetris. Put the design sofa against the wall or in the middle of the room, in separation with the dining area? Besides, a large corner sofa, or two small 2 seater sofas? And the question of the carpet, should it be placed under the sofa, or before? A lot of small questions that I will try to answer in this article.

What sofa, what armchair?

So start with the element that will probably take up most room in your trend room, ie, the seating. Everything will depend on the available space obviously, out of question of housing a huge corner sofa in a small studio. But you must also take into account the use you make of it. If you mainly use your living room to receive friends, a composition with several elements can create a more cozy discussion space. We think for example of two small sofas that face each other for a pleasant moment of discussion. A corner sofa, two sofas at a right angle, or a single one with an armchair on the side will keep this side friendly.

trendy lounge 1

The coffee table for a trendy living room:

Ideal for entertaining, the coffee table is not compulsory! So before we decide, we think about what we want to do with it. If one does not want to clutter the space, one opts for a low table at the level of the ground, without feet. It will be discreet and will not obstruct the sight. Do you want a practical piece of furniture to store a lot of bazaar? We choose a coffee table with storage, in order to be able to hide everything when friends arrive unexpectedly. For a simpletwo sofas at a right angle, or a single one with an armchair on the side will keep this side friendly.

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A carpet :

The carpet is the indispensable tool to help you define a space with subtlety and style! No need to mount partitions or room dividers if you do not want to lose luminosity for example. Whether neutral or discreet or with a more , the carpet will clearly mark its territory, while remaining low in the field of vision. It also makes it possible to revive a somewhat dull interior, if you do not dare the colors in your furniture.

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