Unique Fireplace Designs

Do you want to enjoy the most innovative and uniquely designed modern gas fireplace from the comfort of your own home? Turn to Spark Modern Fires for a sleek, modern fireplace that not only looks great but is sure to be the focal point of any living space. Whether you need sleek outdoor gas fireplaces or lavish indoor fireplace, the fireplace designs from Spark Modern Fires are exactly what you’re looking for.

Unique Designs and Styles

Indoor gas fireplaces from Spark Modern Fires boast a variety of different types and features. Whether you are looking for a traditional gas fireplace, or one that offers more luxury features – Spark Modern Fires has you covered. You can have everything from doorless fire ribbons and vent vu thru fireplaces to walls that separate rooms with dual facade fireplaces.

Endless Possibilities and Features 

You get complete design freedom with modern fireplace designs from Spark Modern Fires. Get a dramatic, attention-grabbing fireplace with their signature fire ribbon, or incorporate a fire window to have both indoor and outdoor views of the flame. The vent-free technology gives the option to put a fireplace nearly anywhere, from walls and corners to fireboxes and dividers. With a 95% energy efficiency rating, you’ll be asking yourself why you took so long to switch to gas fireplaces!

These beautiful, energy efficient fireplaces are exactly what you need to create a unique, modern living area in your home or outdoor area. With no wood to cut and no chimneys or vents to worry about, these nearly maintenance-free fireplaces and allow you to enjoy the view without the work. Contact Spark Modern Fires today for a conversation piece that creates the perfect ambiance and glow for your family and guests.

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