Ventilation: Air quality a stake for your health

ventilation for good protection

To live well in your home and keep yourself in good health, it is recommended to ventilate the interior of your home. According to the latest reports on air quality, experts have come to the conclusion that indoor air in a home may be more polluted than outside.Therefore, if you do not pay attention to this aspect, you are putting your health at risk. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are released by various household products can sometimes develop fairly serious allergies, which cause health problems and require the intervention of the physician.

What solutions to maintain healthy housing?

To live in a healthy home, Ventilairsec recommends installing mechanical ventilation by insufflation with high performance filtration.

Currently, a refund offer is available as part of Ventilairsec’s 30-year business on prestige 2+ models equipped with the best filtration (type F7). This operation is in progress until July 15, 2016.
Mechanical ventilation by insufflation helps you live in a less polluted housing and therefore reduce the risk of developing allergies. For more information,

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