Vintage School Offices for Young and Old Alike

Vintage school offices ... for young and old alike

Hello Lovers of the decoration,
For those who would not yet know, IT’S THE FUTURE TODAY. Not enough to make a whole dish, is not it? Each re-entry is similar, but always has something a little different: a new mistress, new reforms, a new establishment …

In any case, even for those who have no children, the comeback sounds the resumption , the definitive end of the holiday atmosphere [See my article A summer in town ]. The streets are filled again, and I am sure that for those who go to work by car: the traffic jams have resumed with intensity [Horror! ]. The radio changes its sound. The TV has filled in its boxes “after school”. Even the weather seems to participate in this all summer end. The light goes down, the morning is cooler. In short, the race resumes .

So, we take our time to take a break on Turbulences déco with a topic of re-entry: BUREAU VINTAGE . It caters to the blond heads, but also to the larger ones, because the school furniture ranges from the rikiki mini kindergarten office to that of the director’s offices. [And that’s fine for managing the family team . ]

Vintage school furniture not always adapted

In the course of time, national education has developed countless pieces of furniture more or less adapted to children, not always very ergonomic. We will probably remember to have twisted our buttocks in chairs too hard, too far from the office, pinched fingers in the lockers … Today, all this has improved without losing probably its charm , so life goes and “made in china”.

Like many of us, I cracked for a cheap school desk, gone on a flea market. And you know what ? I noticed that our children did not use it, that it took space, that there was nothing there … In short, beware of the office of schoolboy on the flea markets!

Vintage school offices ... for young and old alike

Where to find vintage school offices?

In the second – hand shops there are nuggets at more or less favorable prices. [I will give you an article on the subject later. ] Everything that revolves around the 50/60 years is popular, because there is a perfume of nostalgia that touches even those under sixty. We can use these objects literally, but what is interesting “deco side” is to divert them. A small kindergarten can be used as a bedside table or coffee table, but this is not the subject of the day.

In this article, the idea is to hunt or opt for re-edited vintage office desks and chairs for his office corner. The market is full of reissues of furniture and “vintage” objects that surf on this fashion. The advantage of “new” editions is that they are updated to meet our current tastes and needs. The less, it is less authentic.

We mix vintage offices and current design

As always, not to fall into the cliché “flea market” a little dusty, we have the right to mix the provenances and originsand let the children decorate their desk corner “vintage retro” of Pokemons, to post Stars Wars, Barbie girls and cie. Anyway, our “deco”, they do not care. They are especially happy that they are being looked after.

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