Wishlist: the two years of Robin

Two years that have passed at high speed V, moms, you know what I’m talking about! In addition this year, I had very little idea. I dug, cracked, and I even asked you several times on Instagram for you to help me! So here are my little favorites, we will see if this list is exhaustive or not!

As for toys, Robin is so much a fan of the firefighters that we plan to take him the Janod Wooden Barracks. You know how much I love this brand , their products are beautiful and strong, and they so much fun to my son! In the same range, there is also the fire train circuit, which could be added to its collection (trains are his second passion!).
I also loved the idea of ​​the car circuit for the bath, it’s so cool! I’m sure it might please her.
There are also three pretty books, which I would like to add to his little library.
Finally for his room, a set of sheets because he finally sleeps with a duvet! To tell you everything, since he was 10 months old he refuses the sleeping bag, so he slept with an over-pajama, but it’s hard to find some practical to put on, without a hood and warm enough to sleep well All night long. With the duvet, finish the worries! So I want to crack on this pretty green water adornment. I also like these small wooden mushrooms, purely decorative. And lastly, a small bedside table to put her nightlight, teats, but also her bottle of water for the night and soon, a little alarm clock of the day!

Ahhh, but where’s my tiny baby?

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