Your Home In The Spotlight

 We are always delighted to discover your interior with the Miliboo sauce, always a great pleasure to see our furniture in their new homes ♥

As always, I can only invite you to show us your decoration: post your photos on social networks, mentioning us on our Instagram account for example or using .

sometimes, we want to sit comfortably on its sofa design Olaf to enjoy a quiet moment. One imagines well in his living room, right?

We YOUR HOME IN THE SPOTLIGHTcontinue our tour at @speloved. We could have breakfast on the kitchen island, well installed on its design bar stools BENT . A moment of gluttony to wake well before starting the day.

For the snack, we take the sun at We lazy a little, One imagines well in his living room, One imagines well in his living room, right design sofa OSLO . Hard hard to leave afterwards! :

In the evening, we put on her prettiest pajamas like  to enjoy her evening TV. With pretty scandinavian decorations on the LARGO nesting tables , for a sweet Scandinavian atmosphere. We’re at home, are not we?

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